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29 Aug

By rostfreisteels

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The Importance of Rostfrei Steels Liquid Storage Tank Solutions for Various Industries in across the Globe. No Comments

The Importance of Rostfrei Steels Liquid Storage Tank Solutions for Various Industries in across the Globe.

Human health and the environment are mainly affected by the direct disposal of industrial and human effluents into natural resources without proper treatment.

Sewage/Effluent treatment plants are necessary to reduce the toxicity of all kinds of waste in water and maintain a safe and healthy environment, as well as promote human welfare.

Hence, in these times of accelerated globalisation, proper water treatment solutions & storage solution plays a critical role for all major industries involved in production and manufacturing.


This increased water use and process wastewater generation requires more efficient removal of by-products and pollutants that allow for effluent discharge within established environmental regulatory norms.

Wastewater treatment is a process used to remove contaminants from wastewater and convert it into clear water that can be returned to the water cycle.

In other words, a wastewater treatment plant is a facility that treats wastewater, making it considerably cleaner and safer to be released into water bodies.

Once returned to the water cycle, the effluent creates an acceptable impact on the environment or is reused for various purposes (called water reclamation).

Pictorial view of a WTP below where Rostfrei Steels bolted tanks can be installed:

Liquid Storage Tank

Rostfrei Steels Liquid Storage Tank provides a bunch of solutions such as:

Best space utilisation: Circular tanks are steadier and can fit perfectly after an effective layout design. Circular tanks can provide the maximum space utilisation with limited available space.

Quick Installation: All material is prefabricated at our plant & bolted at the client site, this bolted tank technology gives customers time to breathe and complete the plant with less hassle as it takes a shorter period of time for installation than any other method.

Cost Effective: Over all plant construction value will be economical as maximum space can be utilised, whole tank construction can be done with lesser manpower as these are comparatively lighter and easier to install with avoiding unnecessary heavy civil work, and long duration of tank installation unlike conventional RCC tanks.

Long-Term Asset with residual value: As the material of construction is steel and its longevity, adaptability, and ease of maintenance, bolted storage tanks are frequently regarded as long-term assets, which can also be further sold at some value regardless of the condition after 50 years.

Protective Glass Enamel/Epoxy coated tanks: Rostfrei tanks provide suitable solutions for most types of liquids, with our various product categories like Glass Fused to Steel tanks, and Fusion Bond Epoxy Tanks.

Easy Customization & Expansion: Bolted storage solution tanks are capable of modification and increasing capacity by increasing sheet panels at height. Bolted Tanks can be easily relocated in case the plant location has to be changed. Unbolting and bolting are relatively easy and doable.

Healthy & Safe Site Work with Minimum Efforts: Traditional tank storage methods frequently entail on-site manufacturing, welding & construction, which necessitates specialised equipment and more time.

Bolted storage tank technology reduces the need for on-site welding / heavy civil work and makes the construction process easier & quicker by simply nut and bolting and thus reducing the overall time for tank installation.

Application of Prefabricated Bolted Tanks in Different Sectors:

Wastewater Treatment Plants: In wastewater treatment plants, Rostfrei Glass Fused Steel tanks play all the vital storage and hold the cleaning process, until the water is purified & discharged into the environment/water bodies again.

Municipal Water Supply: Water storage tanks can be useful in storing large amounts of water & providing a steady supply of safe water for drinking, cooking, and firefighting to many nearby towns/ villages/ places.

Industrial/Commercial use: Industrial and commercial activities demand significant amounts of water, for production, cooling, and cleaning etc.

Liquid Storage tanks are helpful in storing water safely for office/factory for all types of uses in the manufacturing process as well as store emergency fire water in the tanks for safety which is essential for every plant/factory.

In power generation plants by Biogas Digester tank: Rostfrei GFS Tanks can be of great use in Biogas Plants as our tanks can be used for Biogas Generation and are suitable for both Mesophilic and thermophilic actions with multiple compatible accessories.

Food and Beverage Industry: Clean water is required for preparation, cleaning, and sanitation in the food and beverage business. Bolted tanks offer a good storage option for these requirements like raw water storage, RO water storage with suitable food-grade accessories, etc.

Rostfrei offers a variety of storage tank solutions in various materials of construction like Glass Fused Steel (with Sealant/Liner), Fusion Bond Epoxy (with Sealant/Liner) and Zincalume Liner tanks which can be used for a wide range of applications like fire water, raw water, wastewater, bio-digester tanks, RO/ Reject water, Potable water, edible oil.

We provide a turnkey solution of design, manufacture, transport, install & commission of tanks with the highest quality procedures & products, plus on-time dispatches, technical assistance, and customer satisfaction & maintenance.

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