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Liquid Storage Tanks to combat water crisis
10 Oct

By rostfreisteels

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Use of Rostfrei Liquid Storage Tanks around the Globe. No Comments

Use of Rostfrei Liquid Storage Tanks around the Globe.

Water Issues All Over the World

Water is the most important resource for any creature. There is no life without water. Only imagination of not having water on earth is the scariest thought. Plants and humans will die, and there will be no life on earth. Water is the medium of life.

There are many countries who are facing water issues all over the world. Let’s have a look on some of the countries who are facing much problems due to water scarcity or only dirty water access. 

Africa- The most severely water-stressed areas are the parts of the Middle East plus North Africa, a region where 83% of people is affected, and Southeast Asia, where 74% of the society is affected.

Even under the optimistic scenario where the globe restricts the world’s temperature increase to 1.3 degree C to 2.4 degree C (2.3 degree F to 4.3 degree F) by 2100, a further one billion people are predicted to live in extremely high levels of water stress by 2050.

By 2050, the amount of water needed on a global scale is likely to rise by 20% to 25%, while the proportion of watersheds with highly variable water supplies from year to year is predicted to rise by 19%.

By 2050, 1005 of those who live in the eastern Mediterranean region and northern Africa will be under severe water stress. This is an issue for political stability as well as for consumers and sectors that depend on water.

Egypt- Egypt is facing huge water scarcity. Due to its proximity with the Nile River, that provides 93% of the country’s water resources, Egypt is seen as having relatively minimal water stress when compared to other nations in the region of the Middle East or North Africa. The construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in the Nile River’s upstream section, however, poses a threat to the water supply. 

Ethiopia’s current capacity is just approximately 4,000 megawatts, therefore when the dam is finished, it will be a hydroelectric facility that can produce roughly 6,000 megawatts of electricity. Due to the fact that it will offer electricity to the two-thirds of the people who currently lack it, this dam has enormous economic and social potential.


“All such issues can be solved with proper planning & projects for waste water treatment plants + waste treatment plants by Rostfrei glass fused to steel Bio Gas digester tanks which can used for generating renewable energy gas.”

Why Water/Liquid Storage Tanks are Important?

“Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.” – Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, M.D. Discoverer of Vitamin C

Water/Liquid storage tanks can be used for multiple purpose and in multiple sector. Water tanks contribute to the storage, management, and distribution of water across a variety of crucial applications. Here are a few typical uses for water tanks:

Use of Rostfrei Water / Liquid Storage Tanks In different application and sector

Use of Water Tanks In different industries

Potable Water Use: Water tanks are used to hold both treated and untreated water that is fit for human consumption. This is especially important during emergencies or in locations with erratic water supply. It is an easy solution to get rid of the water issues in the areas where water supply timings are fixed. People can store huge volume in these tanks and can use later for their various purpose.

Agricultural Use: Water tanks are used by farmers to store water to irrigation, assuring a steady supply of water for their crops.

Industrial operations: Industries use water in a variety of operations. To hold the vast amounts of water required for production, cooling, and other manufacturing processes, water tanks are used.

Fire protection: To provide an adequate supply of water for fighting fires, water tanks are positioned strategically in both urban and rural locations.

Water Supply in an Emergency: Water tanks act as backup supplies to fulfil the urgent demands of populations in places that are vulnerable to catastrophic events or in locations where the water supply is unreliable.

Sites of Construction: A significant volume of water is frequently needed for construction projects. On construction sites, water tanks guarantee a consistent water source for tasks including mixing concrete, controlling dust, and worker hydration.

Off-Grid or Remote Areas: Water tanks offer a decentralized alternative for local water storage in isolated or off-grid regions when centralized water infrastructure is lacking.

Waste water Treatment: Water Tanks are boon for the industries and people who wants to reuse their waste water and face many issues with the lack of water. They can treat waste water by installing water treatment plants and make is usable for the different purpose like drinking, daily life needs, for the cooking purpose, and many more.

RostfreiSteels is a global manufacture which is working in India as well as Overseas and have experience of 19 years in the prefabricated Bolted Tank Industry.

Rostfrei has manufactured, supplied & installed tanks for many reputable client in many countries all over the world like India, Africa, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Maldives, etc.

Rostfrei provides tanks in three different material of construction – Zincalume, Fusion Bond Epoxy, and Glass Fused Steel which can be used in various application like Raw Water, Fire Water, Waste water, Effluent Treatment Plant, Sewage treatment plant, water treatment plant, Bio Digester, Anaerobic Reactor, Bio CNG, and many more.

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