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FRP Storage Tanks | SMC Panel Tanks

Rostfrei Steels is one of the industry-leading manufacturers of SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound) panels that are made of high-quality integrated Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP). Rostfrei Steels is also one of the most accredited FRP Storage Tank manufacturers in India. We have the most integrated SMC manufacturing facilities in India and are one of the very few producers, having such facilities under one roof, worldwide. Rostfrei is continuously evolving and developing new products for Indian as well as for the global markets. Our SMC panel tanks come with the FRP moulding panel, sealing materials, metal structure, and piping system to ease the on-site assembly, bringing great convenience in its construction. 

The general FRP panel water tanks are built according to the standard design, along with customizable specifications, as per special needs. We can assemble FRP panel water tanks/SMC panel tanks with capacity ranging from 0.125m³~5,000m³ as per requirements. If the previously installed FRP panel water tank/SMC panel tank needs to be replaced, you do not need to change the house, since it has been built quite strong.

For the specialized development of the approved product, the Rubber strip used is non-toxic, water-resistant, flexible, with small permanent deformation and strong sealing. Assuring the Whole-body of the water tank has high strength, no leakage, infiltration, no distortion, easy is to maintain, and examine.

FRP-SMC Panel Tanks

Rostfrei Steels reinforced plastic water tank is one of the popular and widely used latest models of our water tank range. The whole body is combined with great quality SMC. It possesses many advantages as follows: Anti-corrosion, Beautiful appearance, no distortion, lightweight, long service life, and convenient maintenance management, and more.

FRP panel water tank/SMC panel tank Functions and Specifications

Our FRP panel water tank uses a food-grade SMC panel that goes through high temperature, high pressure, and has mechanically installed moulding. Considering the advantages, mechanically installed moulding adds strength, increases shock resistance, improves the pressure resistance and service life. Moreover, it overcomes the shortcomings of hand-pasted products which are majorly lacking due to uneven intensity.

In appearance design, the protruding radian of the slab center increases the bearing capacity of the water tank. The flange is arranged around the plate, does not need a corner connecting piece in the assembly process, providing more flexibility and agility. The Panel size specifications are 1*1m, 1*0.5m, 0.5*0.5m. We can assemble an FRP panel water tank/SMC panel tank of any volume as per the client’s requirements.

FRP panel water tank | SMC panel tank

Advantages of FRP Storage Tanks

Applications of FRP Storage Tanks

FRP Storage Tanks Function

LeakageNo leakage after filled with water
Deformation after full of waterFilled with water, wall maximum deformation after no more than 1.0% of the tank Bottom Center height, no more than 10 mm maximum deformation

SMC Panel Physical and Chemical Function

PropertiesPerformance index
Tensile strength, Mpa60
Bending strength, Mpa100
Bending modulus, Gpa7.0
Pap hardness60
Bibulous rate, %60
Glass fiber content, %25

Note: We serve maximum region of Asia and have successfully installed FRP panel water tanks/SMC panel tanks in Dubai, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and more.