Coffee Silo

Coffee Silo

Coffee Silo – Perfect Storage Solution for Coffee Beans

Rostfrei Steels offers an ideal design to stock coffee beans. Our Airtight Coffee Silos are fabricated as per the customer needs meeting highest quality standards. We have a huge range of Flat bottom silo and Hopper bottom silos designed with advanced manufacturing technology to meet your storage goals. Our grain storage system consists of Grain storage silos, Monitoring systems, and Automation system. Our top-notch coffee silos protect the beans from fungus Colletotrichum Kahawae infection, thus improving the efficiency.

Advantages of Coffee Silos

Optimum storage conditions:
Coffee silos are convenient to keep optimum storage conditions for the grain by maintaining the temperature. They also protect the grain from insects and pests.

Coffee silos occupy a lesser ground space, hence, they can be installed easily at any place. Silos weigh less and have a lower assembling cost.

Better Aeration:
Steel Silos are appropriate for a better aeration as they provide a better airflow as compared to the traditional concrete storage. Steel silos are least affected by the temperature outside, so it is easier to maintain the proper temperature for seeds.

Important Features of Coffee Silos

Adequate Grain Storage

Pest Control

Heat Insulation

Custom Built

Monitoring System

The special sturdy cross-sectional roof structure

High tensile strength