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Grain Storage Silos | Steel Silos

ROSTFREI™ corrugated Grain Storage Steel Silos has introduced the revolutionary solution for grain storage by using proprietary Zincalume steel to reduce the solar absorption and thereby drastically reducing the aeration cost required for silos. These metal Silos are precisely designed according to the world-class standards & specifications for long-term storage of varied grains and cereals and other materials such as coffee beans, cotton, etc. while maintaining their unhindered quality. We offer Grain storage systems which consist of Grain Storage Silos, Handling Equipment, Monitoring Systems, Aeration Systems, Automation Systems. These steel silos are specifically designed for excellent protection and are made available as per customer’s specific requirements. Our metal silos for grain storage are available with Flat Bottom & Hopper Bottom to fit into client’s specific requirement. You can rely on our products & services as we are one of the top grain silo manufacturers in India & International market.


Flat Bottom Silos Manufacturer | Grain Storage Silos | Steel Silos

Distinguished Characteristics of Metal Silos

High tensile strength
Designed to stand up to snow loads & strong winds
Special sturdy cross-sectional roof structure
Robust frame
Designed to adhere to seismic & soil conditions

Types of Silos

Coffee Silo

Soya Silo

Wheat Silo

Rice Silo

Paddy Silo

Maize Silo

Corn Silo

Cotton seeds Silos

Barley Silo

Malt Silo

Seeds Silo

Sorghum Silo

Castor Silo

Guar gum Silo

Soybean Silo

Flat Bottom Silo
Rostfrei Steels

Advantages of Grain Storage Silos

Maintains optimum storage conditions and temperature for long term grain storage

Requires less ground space as compared to when grain is stored in big warehouses

Low cost of maintenance

Prevents attack from insects, birds & formation of molds

Easy to install

Long term grain storage

Ask for Quote – Grain Storage Silo

If you are interested in working with us and looking for a reliable grain storage silo then contact us and let us know your requirement. We will suggest you the best grain silo which fits into your need completely. Finally, the fact is that it is less expensive overall, and this will be the best solution for long-term grain storage in comparison to another alternative of grain storage.

Note: We serve maximum regions of Asia and have successfully installed Grain Silo in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Dubai etc.