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Flat Bottom Silo

Flat Bottom Silo for Bulk & Long Term Dry Storage

Flat bottom silo for grains are designed and constructed in accordance with ASTM A: 653 and have analysis certificates. For any kind of large port facilities; our verified product line and proven experience will provide you value well beyond the purchase. With unrivalled levels of expertise and experience, Rostfrei Steels meet the outstanding challenge in the agricultural industry.

Flat bottom Silos are constructed with a flat bottom surface and are designed by advanced technology that can withstand all types of material storage. For any type of grain storage above 500MT capacities, flat bottom silos are recommended. The corrugated, performed, silos panels are assembled cylindrically on circular purlins and vertical stiffeners with bolts and nuts on the heavy concrete rings with deep civil foundations constructed at the site to suit the size of the grain silos.

All the necessary accessories are also provided. In addition, a sweep auger is also fixed inside the flat concrete bottom for easy discharge outlets with valves. A sloped roof with manholes; roof ladder; and handrails is also constructed at the top of the cylindrical side wall assembled. The necessary inside and outside ladders with guards are also provided.

There are certain distinct advantages in using corrugated Zinc aluminum sheet panels instead of corrugated galvanized steel panels for building the silos. Alternatively, there is another option which is Hopper bottom grain silos.

Characteristics of Flat Bottom Silos

  • Flat bottom silos are available in diameters from 2.74m up to 36.5m.
  • Dynamic Analysis of silo structural stability is carried out considering the seismic zone and wind loads of respective areas where the silos will be installed.
  • Snow load is calculated according to the conditions of the area where the silos will be installed.
  • Wind load is calculated according to the height of the silo especially for the empty case of the flat bottom grain silo.
  • High quality and extremely strong materials are used during the production process of the silos.
  • Zincalume steel sheets are used in the manufacturing of the silos, which are able to withstand strength 350MPa.
  • Zincalume steel has alloy coating of zinc, aluminium, and silicon carried out at 600-degree centigrade. It provides much superior corrosion resistance properties; besides special resin coating and passivation is also done to improve scratch resistant properties.
  • The standard GI Silos of G-140(450gr/m2) zinc coating; and G-115(350gr/m2) zinc coating may also be provided according to the customer’s request.

Note: We serve maximum Asia region and have successfully installed Flat Bottom Silo in Africa, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc.