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Waste Water Tanks | Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wastewater Treatment Plants

The name you can trust for all your water and wastewater treatment and storage needs. We assure quick, effective, cost-competitive, low maintenance and smart solutions for your wastewater treatment and reuse, including Waste Water Tanks. Rostfrei offers Turnkey Solution for wastewater treatment plants for textile, food, breweries, and automotive industry comprising a combination of aerobic, anaerobic, and chemical treatments of capacities from 100KLD to 1MLD. The application of these systems are Effluent treated water storage tank (ETP Tank), Sludge storage tank, Wastewater storage tank, including Waste Water Tanks, STP tank.

Advantages of Rostfrei Wastewater Treatment Plants – Waste Water Tanks

Fast Installation (15-20 days depending on capacity)
Easily expandable in height & can relocate without hassles
The liquid in the tank is not in contact with steel
Doesn’t require a heavy civil foundation
Cost-effective projects
Low gestation period
Flexibility in Project Customization
Comprehensive Project Development & Management
Prompt Service
Standardized Plants


Rostfrei steels Large and Highly skilled In-House team of Design engineers ascertains and ensures that each and every requirement of the client is taken care of while designing the product. Well Equipped with Latest Technology, ERP Protocol and 3D-CAD packages, Rostfrei Steels ensure Precise, Trouble-free Design. Complete Product is designed keeping in mind Structural Load Analysis and various Environmental factors like earthquake zone and Wind velocity. Our industrial liquid storage Tanks Design and Calculations pertaining to a specific Model have been certified by Centre for Architectural & Engineering Service.

Rostfrei has the flexibility to meet almost any design requirements and as per client’s end requirements provides Flexible/Customised Tanks design as well. STP covers Complete Electromechanical and Tanks scope of work and Rostfrei Design team ensures User-friendly Plant design based on the Input Parameters as and when provided. We can serve as Turnkey Solution Providers in case of STP.

Rostfrei™ Tanks – Waste Water Tanks

We provide SS/ FRP tanks for Screen Chamber, Oil & Grease Trap, and Tube Settlers; and GLS tanks or Zincalume ® tanks for Equalization, MBBR (Moving Bed Bio Reactor), Sludge Holding, Filtering, and Treated Water. We provide tanks ranging the capacity from 10 KL to 5000 KL for Sewage Treatment Plants/ Effluent Treatment Plants and other WTPs.

Our Zincalume tank and Liner water tank comes with various color options. We suggest Colorbond Sheets and Magnesium Sacrificial anode Protection which ascertains the long life of complete WTP up to 30-40 years.



Air Diffusing System and Blower

Piping and Fittings


Filters and Softeners


Disinfection System


Bars Screens

Sludge De-watering

Installation and Commissioning of Wastewater treatment plants

We have a dedicated team of on-role employees and contract-based employee positioned at various locations for the execution of the Projects. Before the final handover, we make sure that the plant is running properly and reaching the desired standards. Tanks & whole WTP installation and commissioning activities performed at site ensures time-bound project delivery to the clients and hence proves as a cost-effective solution to the WTP Owners.

Rostfrei Steels is a leading wastewater treatment plants manufacturer and has completed many successful installations worldwide. We serve the maximum region of Asia, Africa, UAE, Americas & Europe.