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Fire Fighting Water Storage Tanks

The storage of fire extinguishing water plays a key role in the safety of all buildings and systems. The water supply is usually not sufficient in the event of a fire. In these cases, the authorities often stipulate that a sufficient amount of fire-fighting water must be available. Here is where the specialized water storage tanks come in. Rostfrei Steels is the specialist for fire fighting water tanks. We offer a large selection and favourable prices. The firewater tanks we offer all comply with the latest versions of certifications. We can offer both underground and above-ground fire water storage tanks in any size, made of steel, stainless steel, plastic, or concrete. New containers are available either factory-made or on-site.

Our extensive inventory offers you fire fighting storage tanks of any size with significantly shorter delivery times along with international deliveries. We will supply you with the associated fire water fittings to your extinguishing water tank. On request, we are happy to take over the installation of the fire-fighting water accessories and the complete piping of the tanks.

Fire Water Storage Tanks | Fire Fighting Water Storage Tanks

Types of Fire Water Tanks

Zincalume Bolted tanks with Reinforced PVC Liner Inside

FM-Approved Glass fused steel tanks with PVC Liner Inside

Glass Fused Steel tanks with sealant

Apart from manufacturing customized water storage tanks, we also offer other services like tank protection and tank servicing. From tank cleaning and tank maintenance to the protective inner shell installation, decommissioning, expansion and even tank conversion are a part of our fire protection water tank module. Over 20 years of experience, personal commitment, and the uncanny cooperation with long-term partners, are what make Rostfrei Steels, your reliable and competent partner in matters of fire water storage tanks.

Benefits of Fire Water Storage Tanks

State-of-the-art manufacturing ensures maximum stability

Our tanks allow easy alignment to the connection lines

Stainless steel profile for high accuracy of fit and installation security

Groundwater stable up to the middle of the tank thanks to extremely stable construction 

Less weight than concrete and steel

Easy connectivity with a second tank dome if required.

Fire Protection Water Storage Tanks

We serve almost all countries in the Asia region and have been successfully installing Fire Protection water storage tanks for years in African and Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and many more.  We would be happy to help you with your queries about our storage tanks, right from establishing requirements to manufacturing and delivery along with installation and piping to the insulation of tanks. If you would like to find out more about us or are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us.