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Fusion Bond Epoxy (FBE) Coated Prefabricated Bolted Tanks

Fusion Bond Epoxy (FBE) Coated Prefabricated Tanks are Manufactured by Fusing Epoxy to Mild steel plates. The reason of fusing epoxy with steel is to enhance the properties of latter. Bare Steel is vulnerable to environmental conditions, hence the fusion coating is required. After fusing the steel with epoxy, the resistance against atmospheric weathering & corrosion increases and the acceptable bracket of PH value widens. Epoxy (FBE) Tanks can be used to store wide range of liquids like clear water, waste water, organic waste, Oil etc.

Process And Technology

The tank panels are fused with epoxy coating both inside & outside. The fusion process is carried out in a special furnace having temperature range from 120 to 240 degree celsius. The steel rounded (cylindrical) shell of the tank is built up by overlapping two panels and nut bolting with special high grade nuts & bolts and constant application of flexible sealant.

The connecting material and shell accessories are equipped by the various surface protection treatment. The Fusion Bond Epoxy tanks can be used to store various liquids. The tanks are also a fundamental building element of environmental technological facilities such as Waste Water Treatment and Biogas Stations.

Quality Assurance and Standards

Rostfrei FBE ( Fusion Bond Epoxy) tanks coating meet quality standards as PER As/NZS 4158 : 2003 & As/NZS 4020 : 2005 Epoxy Coatings are WRAS,UK certifified.

Application Options

Waste Water TankClear Water TankAgriculture Others
ETP Tanks – AllHot Water TankLiquid FertilizerGasholder
STP Tanks – AllCondensate Water TankLiquid Manure Dung WaterBio Gas
RO Tanks – AllDrinking Water TankSilageSoot
WTP Tanks -AllPortable Water TankGrainSalt
ZLD Tanks – AllRaw Water TankMolasses Tank
Hopper Bottom Tanks/SilosFire Water TankDesalted Water Tank
Leachate TanksOil

Characteristics of Rostfrei Fusion Bond Epoxy (FBE) Tanks

  • FBE Tanks serve for more than 30 years.
  • FBE Suitable for Portable water and all clear & waste water applications.
  • Construction methodology is very quick and safe.
  • Pre-built tank is easily relocatable.
  • Ecologically safe.

Benefits of the Epoxy Coating for Bolted Tanks:

  1. Potable water certified coating (WRAS/NSF etc)
  2. Coating complies European REACH Regulations, which allows the coating to attain the highest global credentials for safety and environmental performance.
  3. Does not required cathodic protection due to excellent edge coverage on panel edges and bolt holes
  4. Provides excellent corrosion and long- term performance due to holiday free coating
  5. Epoxy coated panels can be recoated after the service life to extend the life cycle of the products
  6. Epoxy coated tanks provide better mechanical resistance (impact & flexibility) which attributes to less damage to the coating during transportation and handling
  7. Epoxy coated bolted tanks panels are easily repairable at the site if damaged
  8. Florida outdoor exposure testing is used to test the external polyester surface ensuring UV resistance as well as colour and gloss durability and consistency in the most intense sunlight conditions. Florida is the internationally recognised and realistic benchmark location for outdoor exposure testing due to its subtropical weathering exposure.

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