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PVC Tank Liners

Rostfrei Steels PVC Reinforced Tank liners are suitable for storage of a large range of liquids. Rostfrei Liners are tested for 4 lakh folds for any crack. Rostfrei liner based tanks are US-FDA certified and are safe to store water in any environment condition. Rostfrei Steels has earned expertise in fabricating and engineering steel structures like liquid storage tanks in multiple dimensions.

Tank liners prevent the material stored in the tank to keep contact with the tank surface thereby ensuring the stored material to remain contamination free.

PVC Tank Liners Rostfrei Steels

Benefits of Tank Liners

The main purpose of tank liner is to protect the stored material from coming in contact with the surface of the storage tank thereby preventing any contamination. It does so in the following ways:

Improves Impermeability

Most of the storage tanks are filled with some sort of liquid, water in general. Over time this liquid finds its way out of these structure walls. Concrete can absorb moisture and metal can rust, therefore a liner ensure that there are not any leaks present.

Chemical Integrity

Liquids when stored in a storage tank without liner can react with the surface of the tanks and get contaminated. A liner ensures that there is no direct connection connection between the stored liquid and the tank.

Storage Tank Liners Munfacturer

Weather Resistance

Most tanks are exposed to sunlight and are vulnerable to ultraviolet light and radiation. Liner on the other hand absorbs the heat and protects the chemical inside the tank.

Rostfrei Steels manufactures PVC Reinforced liner that are deemed suitable for a large variety of liquid & chemicals. These liners undergo rigorous testing for any cracks or other deformation & are US-FDA certified to store water in any environment condition.

Note: Rostfrei Steels is a pioneer manufacturer of Tank Liners & we serve the maximum region of Asia and have successfully installed Tank Liners in Sri Lanka, Dubai, Africa, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and more countries.