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06 Jul

By rostfreisteels

Surendra Mining Industries Pvt Ltd No Comments

Surendra Mining Industries Pvt Ltd

This is to certify that Rostfrei Steels Private Limited, India, has installed successfully 1 NO. OF D.M WATER TANK CAPACITY O F 99,000 LITRES AND 1 NO. OF CLARIFIER STORAGE TANK WITH CAPACITY OF 800,000 LITRES in our plant at SURENDRA MINING INDUSTRIES PVT LTD, BARAMUSA (VILL), BONAI, SUNDARGARGH, ODDISA and The same has been handed over to us fully functional and to our satisfaction.

We wish Rostfrei Steels team all the best for their efforts and best wishes for their future projects in India and overseas. We highly recommend for Rostfrei Products and Rostfrei team for their services

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